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Support activities

All of those who live in or from a society should also make a contribution to its general good. GRENKE embraces this challenge and assumes social responsibility in many areas. We demonstrate our commitment within and outside of our company, in particular, to young people and their professional and cultural development.


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Welcome to GRENKE Group

Dear Reader,

A motivated approach makes it easier to achieve your goals. That’s why we’re so enthusiastic about our most important task of all: boosting your added value. With solutions that create a benefit – by building up capital instead of tying it up – and increase your competitiveness as a result.

As our history goes to show, we’re good at what we do: we’ve been growing steadily ever since our founding in 1978. What started out as a sole proprietorship has become an internationally operating group of companies offering a broad spectrum of services – from leasing and factoring all the way to various banking services.

Despite our international growth, we haven’t forgotten where we come from. This down-to-earth approach makes itself felt in the way we conduct our core business as well. Our reliable, personal and on-the-spot services are still primarily geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises.

I take great pride and pleasure in that – which is why we will continueon this path in future, too.

I would be delighted if you choose to join us.


Wolfgang Grenke

Founder and Chief Executive Officer